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Welcome to Pastor Cox’s Shop

Welcome to Pastor Cox’s Shop. I am a Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor which I am also a missionary in Mexico City serving our Lord for some 30+ years in Mexico City. Welcome! Browse around and send any feedback you might have, including suggestions and complaints to

Please note that not all works here are by Fundamental Baptists. I read a lot, and to get a full overview of topics, you need to read works by people which are not necessarily somebody you would fully endorse or fellowship with if they were alive and near you. I do not endorse any of the works here except on occasion my own. Sorry if that disappoints you!

I see this website as (1) as a Christian library. (2) as a place to sell things to pay for my other websites and this one too.

As a Christian Library

If you go to any Christian University or Seminary, you will find a lot of works in their library that are varied. Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Wesleyan, Pentecostal, even some Catholic works. They offer these works so that the Bible Student can compare, study and understand. Many of the early Church Fathers were just Catholic both in their association (at that time the Catholic church was forming away from mainstream Christianity in my opinion) or their positions were what would become modern Catholicism. The Bible student needs to study these things.

As a Christian library, I try to offer difficult to find books. Many of these works are in images only on large websites that you cannot search for them by a Google type search engine. You have to log into their website and then search, and you have to know about these websites. I try to cut through all that and offer you these works in different format. I don’t handle image pdf files. If I have a PDF, I have used OCR methods to get a “clean copy” of the file and make that into a PDF, reducing the size from 100MBs to 2-10MBs. I spend a lot of time, energy and effort in doing all of this. I ask very little for these works except where the work I offer is my own. It is reasonable that for those I ask $20 or more.

Prices vary in the same work, because unfortunately I have web scrapers that take everything I offer and put it up on their websites to enhance what they scrape from other places. I don’t offer RTF or Microsoft Word formats because of that. It makes it to easy to scrape my content. Even with eSword and theWord, that is possible. But some formats like MySword or Kindle or ePub are not so easy to move to other formats, so I reduce the price of those formats.

As a place to sell things

Unfortunately, things cost. Websites cost money, time, energy and effort. For all I put into this ministry, people just don’t donate. I mean, I have websites that have 26Gbs of downloads in a typical month, and somebody donates $20 every 3 years. So this is a way to make a little money to pay the bills. Please forgive me.


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